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Start Your Veggie Garden this Month

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Start Your Veggie Garden this Month


Pictured: 1 4” potted Sweet Pepper seedling ready for transplanting into the garden.
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This is the month to begin to plant warm season vegetables. Vegetable gardening allows you to experience the fresh air, sunshine, nature, and of course, a super healthy supply of fresh veggies. 

It is best to start with choosing vegetables for your garden you and your family enjoy eating. Then chose the vegetable varieties recommended by the University of Florida for our region of south Florida listed in the Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide (

It is usually worthwhile to improve your garden soil area with organic matter as compost or composted manures. Spade the plot at least three weeks before planting and smooth the soil at planting time. Fertilize with organic or inorganic fertilizers per the manufactures recommendations to keep plants growing vigorously. Mulch the plants with pine straw to help keep plants moist, weed and disease free. Scout the garden twice per week for pest and disease problems. Learn to recognize beneficial insects as praying mantis and lady beetles these good insects prey on pest insects. Don't forget to weed both in and around the vegetable garden. Record notes on pest problems and performance of the different vegetables, this information will be invaluable for your next vegetable installation. If you have any questions on best practices for controlling a pest outbreak in the vegetable garden contact UF/IFAs Palm Beach Extension Master Gardener volunteers at 233-1750.