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Hurricane Irma Tree Recovery

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Hurricane Irma Tree Recovery


Pictured: Small canopy trees leaning or fallen after Hurricane Irma.
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Hurricane Irma winds blew down canopy trees throughout south Florida. Most small or recently planted trees pushed down by the storm can be put back into an upright position and staked. Small downed and leaning trees put upright again should be watered regularly and thoroughly to have a better chance of developing proper root structure to keep firm in the soil. Medium-aged and mature trees having more than a 4 inch diameter trunk that have fallen over and are on the ground have severe root breakage and in most cases should not be righted because they are unlikely to develop the root structure needed to keep the tree erect. Trees that normally do not drop their leaves are dropping them now due to the stress of the storm winds, water regularly to encourage new leaf development. For questions on landscape recovery recommendations after Irma call the Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension Service Master Gardener hotline at 233-1750.