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Prepare to Grow Your Own Veggies

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Prepare to Grow Your Own Veggies


Pictured: Mounts Botanical Garden Vegetable Demonstration Area. Click to enlarge image.

In August you can begin to plant your warm season vegetables. Vegetable gardening allows you to experience the fresh air, sunshine, mental therapy, and of course, a supply of fresh food that’s packed with vitamins.
Improve your garden soil with organic matter as compost or composted manures. Spade the plot at least three weeks before planting and smooth the soil at planting time. Fertilize with organic or inorganic fertilizers per the manufactures recommendations to keep plants growing vigorously. Mulch the plants with pine straw to help keep plants moist, weed and disease free. Scout the garden twice per week for pest and disease problems. Learn to recognize beneficial insects as praying mantis and lady beetles these good insects prey on pest insects. If sucking pest insects like whitefly are found feeding on your vegetables, homeowners would be best advised to treat populations before they reach outbreak levels and to spray immature whiteflies with a mixture of insecticidal soap in water (see label for directions). Care should be taken to cover the lower surface of the leaves. Don’t forget to weed in and around the vegetable garden. Record notes on pest problems and performance of the different vegetables, this information will be invaluable for your next vegetable installation.
You can also stop by the Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension Service 531 North Military Trail West Palm Beach to ask a Master Gardener volunteer a plant question or to pick up the publication University of Florida Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide Monday through Friday 9AM-4PM, Vegetables suited to Florida gardens, choice varieties, seed or transplants needed, planting distances and depths, best time for planting by areas, hardiness, days to harvest and expected yields are shown in this publication.