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Plants That Feed on Mosquitoes

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Plants That Feed on Mosquitoes



Pictured: Nepthesis Pitcher Plant.
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Tropical carnivorous pitcher plants botanically known as Nepenthes feed on insects including roaches, ants and mosquitoes. You can grow pitcher plant vines quite easily by following some simple steps. Nepenthes require growing outside in a humid bright light location like you would grow an orchid. Plant in a plastic pot that drains well using a soiless mix of sphagnum peat moss with a small amount of perlite for drainage. Keep soil moist at all times but never soggy, never use any fertilizer, never add water to the nepenthes pitchers. The pitchers on nepenthes create their own liquid which digests their insect meals. Remove any brown dead pitchers to stimulate growing new pitchers and more leaves. Bring pitcher plants indoor when temperatures are to drop below 55 degrees. There are many varieties of nepenthes, the best varieties for south Florida are from the tropical lowland areas of the world including Nepenthes x ventrata and Nepenthes 'Miranda'. Mounts Botanical Garden Gift Shoppe and Nursery Guild has nepenthes for sale Mondays and Thursdays 9am-3pm 531 North Military Trail West Palm Beach. For information on caring for your nepenthes call the Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension Service Master Gardener volunteers at 233-1750.