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U.S. Census - You Count!

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U.S. Census - You Count!


2020 censusThe U.S. Census is officially underway! Even under normal circumstances, working to get an accurate count of our country's entire population has never been a simple undertaking but participating in the census has never been easier. For the 1st time ever, census forms can be completed online.

The U.S. can now be completed online, by phone or by mail. In about 10 minutes, you can do your civic duty to be counted and avoid having to meet a census taker at your door. Instructions and phone support are available in 12 languages in addition to English, ensuring that over 99% of U.S. households can respond in their preferred language.

The census is enormously important. Data from the census is used for everything from determining seats in U.S. House of Representatives, to where businesses locate and schools are built. Census data determines how more than $675 billion in federal dollars are spent, including programs such as SNAP and the National School Lunch Program, federal payments to agricultural research and Extension and much more.

Now more than ever, it's vital that everyone is counted. In Florida, an undercount of just 1% in the 2010 census resulted in an estimated $178 million losses in federal funding. Over a ten-year span, losses due to undercounts can amount to millions of dollars and millions of people in underserved populations being overlooked.

To complete the Census for your household start by visiting:

To request a paper questionnaire to be mailed to your household, call 844-330-2020.

To complete the Census by phone, call:

  • 844-330-2020 (English)
  • 844-468-2020 (Spanish)
  • 844-477-2020 (Haitian Creole)
  • 844-467-2020 (Telephone Display Service)

    To speak to a local Census Bureau Representative, call 844-330-2020.

    Please see these linked documents for more information on the U.S. Census and the programs supported by the count.