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This STEM repository was designed as part of the M​​illion Girls Moonshot Initiative led by the Connected Learning Lab and the STEM Next Opportunity Fund. The goal of the repository is to help middle school girls and other underserved middle school youth find opportunities to maintain their involvement in STEM after graduating from their middle school programs. The repository opportunities listed were chosen based upon their focus (STEM) and target age group. By regularly populating/updating this site, we hope to help remove some of the barriers that impact the continued participation of girls in STEM in​​​​ Palm Beach County. 



  • Ascend NeuroExplorers - The NeuroExplorers programs allows middle school age student to learn about neuroscience from professionals in the field.

  • Max Planck Neuroscience High School Internship

  • PBSC Nursing Exploration Course - This course explores the different fields of nursing to help understand which specialty is the right one as well as what benefits are expected from additional education in nursing.

  • PBSC Pharmacy Technician Exploration Course - This course explores the possible settings and paths available by becoming a pharmacy technician and also helps to master some useful skills needed in the field.

  • PBSC Veterinary Assistant Course - This course explores the career of veterinary assistants and also learn about pet nutrition, disease prevention, and how to handle pet emergencies.

  • PBSC Medical Emergencies Course - This course course provides useful tools for recognizing early signs and symptoms of common medical conditions, in order to provide treatment while waiting for the appropriate emergency authorities.

  • Scripps Research Junior Scientist Summer Camp - Open to middle and high school students this virtual summer camp allows participants to gain experience through different activities to design and conduct their own research projects.

  • Scripps Research High School Internship - Within a hands-on laboratory setting, students will explore various health care fields like anatomy and physiology alongside PBA students and professors.


Math and Science

  • GEMS Club COX Science Center - This program allows girls in the 3rd to 8th grade to explore different STEM principles through virtual STEM field speakers and hands on activities.

  • FAU Math and Science Program - This program seeks to help students achieve their potential in math and science and encourage them to pursue an education and career in these fields through counseling, tutoring and activities.


Technology and Engineering

  • Code Palm Beach - Hosts monthly events to teach youth about tech, coding, engineering, and robotics.

  • Code Palm Beach Beginners Workshop - A beginners course for students 6-14 to learn about coding and technology.

  • Digital Vibez Arts and Technology Program - Offers programs focusing on the technical side of the music and entertainment industry.

  • FAU Summer Tech Camps - Through a variety of courses available students are able to learn about game development, coding, engineering, 3D printing, virtual reality, and more.

  • PBSC Game Development Course - This course introduces tools and techniques to for successful game development and gain hands-on experience.

  • ACE Mentor Program - Students gain hands-on experience in architecture, engineering, and construction by working with professionals in the field and volunteer to design hypothetical projects.

  • Max Planck Scientific Programming High School Internship - Offers a scientific programing internships through which students with a coding background can gain experience by developing softwares to assist in data analysis.

  • Max Planck Mechanical Engineering High School Internship - The mechanical engineering internship trasin students in design softwares to create parts and tools used in neuroscience research.


Environmental Wildlife



  • FLL Robotics Club @ COX Science Center - Students will develop skills in problem solving, researching, coding and engineering to build a robot to complete set of challenges using the First Lego League curriculum.

  • FLL Robotics Team @ COX Science Center - Hosts a robotics team led by coaches in which students can apply their STEM skills to design, build and program a robot to compete with other league teams.