Starts Monday, January 24, 2022 at 8:00am and ends on Monday, February 28, 2022
(or until 90 applications have been submitted)
American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program

ALLOCATION AMOUNT:$8,000,000                                          MAXIMUM AWARD: $100,000 (Including Contingency) 

OWNER OCCUPIED HOUSING REHABILIATION SUMMARY:  Funding will assist income eligible homeowners, residing in the unincorporated area of Palm Beach County, with substantial rehabilitation to correct code violations or incipient items that will become a code violation. NOTE: Applicant must provide a statement on how their household was financially impact by COVID19.  PROPERTY'S ASSESSED VALUE CANNOT EXCEED $352,371


Number of Persons in Household​ ​Extremely Low Income (30%) ​Very Low Income (50%) ​Low Income (80%) ​Moderate Income (140%)
1​ $18,000​ $30,000​ ​$47,950 ​$84,000
2​ $20,600​ $34,250​ ​$54,800 ​$95,900
3​ $23,150​ $38,550​ ​$61,650 ​$107,940
4​ $26,500​ $42,800​ ​$68,500 ​$119,840
5​ $31,040​ $46,250​ ​$74,000 ​$129,500
6​ $35,580​ $49,650​ ​$79,500 ​$139,020
7​ $40,120​ $53,100 ​$84,950 ​$148,680
8​ $44,660​ $56,500​ ​$90,450 ​$158,200


APPLICANT SELECTION CRITERIA:Ninety (90) applications will be available online by visiting the website at beginning Monday, January 24, 2022.  Applications will be accepted on a first submitted, first qualified, first served basis, subject to funding availability until Monday, February 28, 2022, or until 90 applications have been submitted.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: At the time of application submittal, the following documents must be provided for the applicant, co-applicant and ALL adult household members:

  • Copy of valid Drivers' License or State Identification
  • Copy of Birth Certificates or valid U.S. Passport or Naturalization Certificate (for all Non-U.S. Citizen household members provide a copy of a valid Permanent Resident Card).
  • Copy of most recent paycheck stub (OR) a current completed Verification of Employment (VOE) completed within 30 days of submission of application
  • Completed YTD Profit and Loss Statement (if self-employed or current 1099 Income earner)
  • If an adult student is employed – copy of class schedule on school's letterhead
  • Copy of most recent Social Security, Retirement and/or Disability Award Letter
  • Wage Earner Statement from Social Security Administration for ALL unemployed adult household members
  • Court ordered child support documentation/ALL appropriate legal documentation for adoption, divorce, battered spouse & restraining order
  • A Completed Verification of Deposit (VOD) for ALL current accounts
  • Most recent two (2) years of tax returns (signed and dated) and W2s
  • If self-employed, provide copy of a current 1099 and three (3) years of most recent tax returns
  • Copies of ALL mortgages and/or warranty deeds
  • Copy of most recent mortgage statement
  • Copy of Homeowners Insurance (Declaration age only)


  • ALL applicants are required to attend a Virtual Mandatory Orientation facilitated by HED, prior to application submittal.  Interested parties may register at beginning Monday, December 13, 2021.   
  • Virtual Mandatory Orientations Schedule HERE.  NOTE: Applications will not be reviewed if proof of orientation attendance is not provided. Orientation dates are posted on the website.
  • To ensure eligibility, properties must be located in the unincorporated area of PBC, and may be required to be located within or adjacent to, a federally designated Qualified Census Tract (QCT - See East County Map and Glades Map). 
  • Mortgage payments, insurance and taxes must be current/paid to date. NOTE: This program may pay one (1) year insurance premium in the event that the eligible homeowner does not have homeowners insurance. 
  • Applicant may not currently own or have liquid assets exceeding $200,000, and/or a combination of liquid and non-liquid assets exceeding $352,371 - (excluding their primary residence).
  • Funds will be awarded as a 0% interest deferred payment loan secured by a recorded mortgage and note for 15 years.  The loan is forgiven at the end of the 15-year term, if no default has occurred.
  • Applicants are “ineligible" to apply for assistance if there is currently a Palm Beach County rehabilitation and/or repair mortgage lien on the property and/or code violation liens on the property.

    Telephone: (561) 233-3606; (561)233-3693; or (561)233-3600.                    Email:   


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