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Naming Conventions

PPM ZO-O-041 - DRO Concurrent Type II & Type III Applications

PPM ZO-O-019 - DRO Process for Public Hearing (PH) and Final DRO Applications

BCC Condition-All Petitions

Insufficiency Review - The issues list has been used to clarify reasons why an application would be deemed insufficient. Zoning has modified the process so that other agencies will be able to continue their review in ePZB while the applicant is addressing the insufficiencies.

Pre-Meeting Checklist-Form 94 - Staff encourages the applicant to fill in all relevant sections on this form prior to the meeting in order to expedite the pre-application review meeting. This is a cursory review only due to limited meeting time, therefore staff encourages the applicant to be informed about the code provisions and come with specific questions and possible answers for staff’s confirmation.

DRO Review – Off the Board Site Plan Approval

Revised DRO Procedures for Submitting Master/Site/Subdivision Plans to DRO after Board Approval


​Development Review Advisory Committee


The DRAC is an ad hoc committee that provides valuable input to the Zoning Division on matters related to the development review process. The membership comprises of professional Planners, Landscape Architects, Architects who represent clients in PBC development review process. The committee meets quarterly to discuss process issues that have been identified by industry or agents for property owners. These meetings are open to anyone interested in topics being discussed.

For your convenience an annual calendar of meetings, Agendas, Attendance and Minutes are posted. If you have an issue you would like scheduled for discussion, please contact one of the members. For a list of current DRAC members click below.

DRAC Members List

DRAC Meeting Calendar

2017 DRAC Agenda/Minutes