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April 2, 2020 Zoning Commission Hearing has been cancelled.

No new date for this Hearing has been established.


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Agendas and Staff Reports for the applications listed below are available on the Zoning Web Page a minimum of 5 days prior to the scheduled Meetings.

To find the applicable Hearing dates for the application your are interested in, please click on the application link and note within the box for the dates.

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1975-00068 DOA/CA-2019-02086Loggers Run Commercial Center
1976-00133ABN/Z-2019-01611Young Property North
1981-00115DOA/CA-2019-00737​US Cigar Exchange
2003-00079ZV/DOA/CA-2018-01723Windsor Place MXPD
2004-00369PDD/DOA-2018-02140 Valencia Cove AGR-PUD
2005-00327 ZV/CA-2019-00333Genesis House
2006-00305Z/CA-2019-00515CERTUS Premier Memory Care at Boynton Beach
2007-00096 EAC-2019-02324Polo Legacy MXPD
2018-00188 ZV-2019-01966Lake Worth Crossing
2019-00059Z-2019-00789Twin States
2019-00082 ZV-2019-01992Getz Subdivision
2019-00082SV-2019-01235Getz Subdivision
2019-00083 Z-2019-02041Nguyen Property
2019-00092SV/ZV/PDD/CA-2019-01090Lee's Landing PUD

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​Application Number

​Application Name

1971-00013 EAC-2019-01685 Delray Trails at Villa Del Ray PUD
1980-00028 SV/DOA-2018-02134 ​Eastpointe Country Club
1981-00082 DOA/W-2019-00489 Hunts Easy Storage
1981-00115 DOA/CA-2019-00737 US Cigar Exchange
1981-00186 DOA-2019-00325 Lee Square
1981-00190 ZV/DOA/W-2019-01231 Palm Beach Park of Commerce
1981-00190 ZV-2019-01979 Palm Beach Park of Commerce - IAAI East
1981-00190 ZV-2019-01980 Palm Beach Park of Commerce - IAAI West
1983-00161 DOA-2019-01496 Mercedes Maintenance Renovation
1987-00134 ZV/DOA/CA-2019-01634 Mangone and Spirk Self-Storage MUPD
1988-00135 EAC-2019-01972 Haverhill Commons PUD
2004-00248 ZV/DOA/CA-2019-00950 Town Commons MUPD 2
2004-00457 DOA/CA-2018-01690 Terra Nova - Commercial
2010-00272 Z-2019-01091 Moody Carver
2012-00253 ZV/DOA-2017-02426 RaceTrac Market
2017-00017 Z/CA-2019-01442 Windsong Estates
2017-00194 ZV-2019-01631 Catalina at Lake Worth PUD
2018-00103 CA-2019-00734 Friends of Peanut
2018-00157 Z/CA-2018-02236 Vo Professional Office
2019-00142 Z-2019-01970 Durrett Rezoning