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The listing for the April 21, 2018 sale will be available by 6:00pm April 13, 2018


collapse Vehicle Type : 01-Cars ‎(3)
96342006 Chevrolet Impala
96352006 Chevrolet Impala
96362008 Chevrolet Malibu hybrid
collapse Vehicle Type : 02-SUVs ‎(7)
96372008 Ford Escape Hybrid SUV
96382009 Ford Escape Hybrid SUV
96392009 Saturn VUE Hybrid SUV
96402010 Ford Escape Hybrid SUV
96412013 Ford Escape SUV
96422003 Ford Expedition SUV
96432005 Ford Explorer SUV
collapse Vehicle Type : 03-Vans ‎(6)
96442012 Ford Transit Connect Van
96452003 Ford E350 1-ton Cargo van
96462006 Ford E350 1-ton Cargo van
96472007 Ford E350 1-ton Cargo van
96482007 Ford E350 1-ton Cargo van
96492009 Ford E250  3/4-ton Cargo van
collapse Vehicle Type : 04-Pickups ‎(15)
96502009 Ford Ranger Pick-up Truck
96512009 Ford Ranger Pick-up Truck
96522011 Ford Ranger Pick-up Truck
96532008 Ford Ranger Pick-up Truck
96542005 Ford F-150 Pick-up Truck
96552005 Ford F-150 Pick-up Truck
96562008 Ford F-150 Pick-up Truck
96572010 Ford F-150 Pick-up Truck
96582010 Ford F-150 Pick-up Truck
96592010 Ford F-150 Pick-up Truck
96602013 Ford F-150 Pick-up Truck
96612008 Ford F-250 Pick-up Truck
96622008 Ford F-250 Pick-up Truck
96632008 Ford F-250 Pick-up Truck
96642009 Ford F-250 Pick-up Truck
collapse Vehicle Type : 05-Trucks ‎(12)
96652004 GMC 2500 HD  3/4-ton Utility Truck
96662008 Ford F-350  1-ton Utility Truck
96672008 Ford F-350  1-ton Utility Truck
96682009 Ford F-350  1-ton Utility Truck
96692009 International 4300 Hybrid Utility Bucket Truck
96702004 GMC C7500 Flatbed Dump Truck
96712006 International 4300 Dump Truck
96722009 International 4300 Flatbed Dump Truck
96732009 Chevrolet 5500HD Garbage Packer
96742012 International 4300 Trash Truck
96752009 International Durastar,  * Cab & Chassis ONLY *
96762002 Freightliner FL-80 Pumper
collapse Vehicle Type : 09-Equipment ‎(28)
96772007 Caterpillar 950H Loader
96782000 Yale GLP060ZGNGAE087 Fork-lift
96792008 Yale NR045EA Electric Fork-lift
96802003 Wells Cargo TW162 enclosed trailer
96812006 Imperial CR8X20 trailer
96822013 Felling FT 12L trailer
96832010 K&K Systems KKAB25 trailer mounted Arrow board
96842010 K&K Systems KKAB25 trailer mounted Arrow board
9685DynaPrime Electric Trailer mounted pump/motor
9686Coleman 60KW Trailer mounted Generator
9687Coleman 60KW Trailer mounted Generator
9688INGERSOLL RAND G80  80KW Trailer mounted Generator
9689INGERSOLL RAND G80 80KW Trailer mounted Generator
9690INGERSOLL RAND G80 80KW Trailer mounted Generator
9691Kohler 50KW Skid mounted Generator
9692Kohler 50KW Skid mounted Generator
9693Kohler 50KW Skid mounted Generator
96942006 Genie Industries Z3422 man lift
96952007 JLG 460SJ Boom Lift
96962009 Kubota ZD32360 Mower
96972011 Toro 4000D mower
96982011 Scag Turf Tiger STT6 Mower
96992012 Toro Grounds master 7200 Mower
97002012 Toro Grounds master 7200 Mower
97012015 Polaris Sportsman ETX  ATV
97022015 Polaris Sportsman ETX ATV
97032015 Polaris Sportsman ETX ATV
97042006 Toro 3300 D Utility Cart
collapse Vehicle Type : 10-Misc ‎(4)
9705Lot w/Servers & IT equipment
9706Lot w/miscellaneous Industrial Equipment & Parts
9707Lot w/Wacher PTS 4 trash pump & Submersible Pump Head
9708Lot w/Miscellaneous Industrial Tools & Equipment

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