The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded Palm Beach County $1.4 million to establish a Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund Program for clean up and revitalization of contaminated properties throughout the County. The County will use the BRLF funds to provide financial assistance to eligible borrowers and subgrantees to cleanup properties, create employment opportunities, and revitalize the community. Participants must have site control or access to the subject property.

Projects will be selected using U.S. EPA program eligibility criteria and restrictions, BRLF Program Guidelines, and the recommendation of the County’s Loan Review Committee.

Eligible applicants are public entities, non-profit organizations, political subdivisions, private entities, developers and businesses located in the county. BRLF funds are focused on cleanup activities associated with hazardous substances and petroleum contamination sites.

    Click here for Program Guidelines.

NOTE: Eligible applicants may qualify for state and federal financial incentives or tax credits if the property is located in a designated Brownfield area. Please see the following links:

For more information, to discuss potential projects, or receive a copy of the Brownfields RLF Subgrant and Loan Application, please contact the Department of Economic Sustainability.

Program Administration
PBC Department of Housing and Economic Sustainability (HES)
100 Australian Avenue, Suite 500, West Palm Beach, FL 33406

Sherry Howard, Deputy Director 561-233-3653

Carol Thompson, Special Projects Manager 561-233-3674

  Alan Chin Lee, Principal Planner 561-233-3607


Administrative Record Repository
The following project-specific information is made available for public review:

Northwood Anchor Site – City of West Palm Beach CRA