Public Relations

Dorine Kelley, Manager, Public Relations


Public Records Requests: This section reviews and responds to all public records requests pertaining to the Zoning Division.Please submit your inquiries using the online submission form (Click Here) or n writing or by email to Document certification and notarization can also be obtained at a nominal fee.

File Room: The File Room maintains all Zoning Division files. Customers request files, site plans, resolutions and other documents for research. This resource provides the public with certified site plans, petition files, resolutions and BCC/ZC minutes that can all be reproduced within a reasonable time frame upon request. The public is can also review and research zoning petition files and site plans in the Zoning research room.

Kiosk: Located in the lobby area are three Information Center Kiosks for public use. This resource provides the public with the ability to access electronic information such as applications, resolutions, maps and department web page information.

Web Page: Our Public Information Web Page provides our users with requested electronic information. The Web information is categorized into user friendly links which answer the most sought after questions. The Zoning Web page is updated on a regular basis to ensure the most current and accurate information is available to the public.