​Future Land Use Atlas and Text/Map Series


Schedule and Intake Dates

Applications are accepted on intake dates as identified in the latest amendment schedule. For more information and links to the latest schedule, see the Amendment Page.


Applications, Instructions and Forms

Future Land Use Pre-Application Meeting

  • 2022 Future Land Use Amendment Pre-Application Form
  • A pre-application meeting is mandatory and required prior to the FLUA amendment intake date. The Pre-Application Form must be submitted to the Planning Division's Land Use Section prior to scheduling the meeting. 

Future Land Use Application

  • 2022 Future Land Use Amendment Application Instructions
  • 2022 Future Land Use Amendment Application Form (Note:  "Right-click" => Select "Save target as..." to download form).
  • Replace the italic text with the application contents. At the time of FLUA amendment submittal, if a text amendment has been submitted, the Text Application must be included in the FLUA amendment binder as Attachment Q, the Justification for the FLUA Amendment (Attachment G) must address both the combination of the FLUA and Text Amendment as a whole, and in addition to the FLUA Amendment fee and the Administration fee, the Text Amendment Processing Fee must be submitted.

Traffic Analysis Requirements

  • 2022 Traffic Analysis Instructions
  • 2022 Development Potential Form
  • The Traffic Study & fee are due to both the Engineering Traffic Division and the Planning Division generally 5 weeks prior to the FLUA application intake as shown in the Amendment Schedules.
  • A paper copy and electronic version of the Traffic Study and the Development Potential Form is required to be submitted to the Planning Division.

Text Amendment Application

Affidavit Forms


Each application submittal must be accompanied by the appropriate fees