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Agendas and Staff Reports for the applications listed below are available on the Zoning Web Page a minimum of 5 days prior to the scheduled Meetings.

To find the applicable Hearing dates for the application your are interested in, please click on the application link and note within the box for the dates.

Click here for Zoning Public Agenda website:

TBDBCCNo ActionDOA-2018-01562Sherbrooke Center​1989-00063​
9/22/2022BCCNo ActionZV ABN DOA-2021-01529Portman Industrial MUPD​​1997-00034​
5/26/2022BCCNo ActionZV ABN DOA-2021-01954Terra Nova MUPD​​2004-00457​
5/26/2022BCCActionZ-2021-02038 Elizabeth Street at Square Lake1973-00079
5/26/2022BCCActionZV SV ABN PDD CA-2021-00533Fount MUPD1979-00268
6/23/2022BCCActionDOA CA-2021-01576Melrose PUD Commercial​​1982-00040 ​
5/26/2022BCCActionZV ABN DOA-2021-02048Vista Center Parcel 61984-00130
5/26/2022BCCActionPDD DOA CA-2021-01612PGA Waterfront Residential PUD1984-00159
5/26/2022BCCActionZV ABN DOA-2021-00997Broward Motorsports of Palm Beach1987-00006
5/26/2022BCCActionCA-2020-02103Evergreen Townhouse​​2019-00177 ​
6/2/2022ZCActionZV-2021-01547Okeechobee Commerce Park1994-00038
6/2/2022ZCActionZ CA-2021-01817Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Lake Worth1997-00048
6/2/2022ZCActionZV-2021-01937Critchfield Holdings​​2004-00206​
6/2/2022ZCAction DOA ZV-2021-01942Johns Glades West MXPD2004-00459
7/7/2022ZCActionABN CA-2021-00797Palm Elite Car Wash​​2013-00200​
6/2/2022ZCActionCB-2021-01183Universal BioCarbon, Inc.2013-00353

​BCC Hearings

TBD​ BCC​ No Action​ DOA-2018-01562​ Sherbrooke Center​ 1989-00063​
9/22/2022​ BCC​ No Action​ ZV ABN DOA-2021-01529 Portman Industrial MUPD​ 1997-00034​​
5/5/2022​ BCC​​ Action​ Z-2021-02038 Elizabeth Street at Square Lake​ 1973-00079​
5/5/2022​ BCC​​ Action​ ZV SV ABN PDD CA-2021-00533 Fount MUPD​ 1979-00268​
6/23/2022​ BCC​​​ Action​​ DOA CA-2021-01576 Melrose PUD Commercial​​​ 1982-00040 ​​
5/5/2022​ BCC​​​ Action​ ZV ABN DOA-2021-02048​ Vista Center Parcel 6​ 1984-00130​
5/5/2022​ BCC​​​ Action​ PDD DOA CA-2021-01612 PGA Waterfront Residential PUD​ 1984-00159​
5/5/2022​ BCC​​​ Action​ ZV ABN DOA-2021-00997 Broward Motorsports of Palm Beach​ 1987-00006​
5/5/2022​ BCC​​​ Action​ ZV ABN DOA-2021-01954 Terra Nova MUPD​ 2004-00457​
5/5/2022​ BCC​​​ Action​ CA-2020-02103​ Evergreen Townhouse​​​ 2019-00177 ​


ZC Hearings

6/2/2022 ZC Action​ ZV-2021-01547 Okeechobee Commerce Park 1994-00038
9/22/2022​ ZC Action​ Z CA-2021-01817​ Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Lake Worth 1997-00048
5/5/2022​ ZC Action​ ZV-2021-01937       ​ Critchfield Holdings 2004-00206​
5/5/2022​ ZC​​ Action​ DOA ZV-2021-01942​  Johns Glades West MXPD 2004-00459
6/23/2022​ ZC Action​​ ABN CA-2021-00797 Palm Elite Car Wash​​  ​2013-00200
5/5/2022​ ZC Action​ CB-2021-01183 Universal BioCarbon, Inc. 2013-00353