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PZB Hosts Event for Local Realtors New3/4/2024
Building Division’s South County Office Closing Wednesdays Starting March 1 3/1/2024
Zoning Division Holds Development Review Forum2/29/2024
PZB Staff Tour PB Aggregates2/23/2024
PZB Staff Attend Annual Condo and HOA Expo2/20/2024
March 2nd County Job Fair2/16/2024
Celebrating: Employees Honored for Years of Service at the Planning, Zoning and Building Department2/14/2024
Building Division Join Industry Leaders in Tallahassee2/14/2024
New Invest: Palm Beach Magazine Launched2/13/2024
Historic View of Palm Beach County's Coastal Waterways A Presentation by County Archeologist Christian Davenport2/12/2024
Nancy King Recognized 50-Years of Service2/8/2024
Outgoing Members of the Zoning Commission Recognized 2/6/2024
County Career Opportunities Showcased with Local Students 2/2/2024
Senior Construction Inspector Speaks at Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association Event2/1/2024
Kudos to Deborah Plaud1/31/2024
Historic Second Seminole War Presentation1/29/2024
Kudos to Dawn Sobik1/24/2024
PZB Team Members at the South Florida Fair1/24/2024
Kudos to Wendy Hernandez 1/17/2024
Team Members Attend Palm Beach County Day1/17/2024
The Planning, Zoning and Building Dept. Welcomes New Deputy Director 1/2/2024
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​Holiday Message 12/22/2023
Century Village Hosts PZB Divisions 12/15/2023
Palm Beach County Building Division Staff Honored By Building Officials Association of Florida12/14/2023
Building Division Holds Training Seminar12/4/2023
Building Division's Offices Closing Early on December 1, 202312/1/2023
Local Realtors Host PZB Divisions 11/9/2023
Building Division Team Attends Conference11/6/2023
Golden Lakes Hosts PZB Divisions10/31/2023
Public Outreach - We’re Available!10/23/2023
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