Property Development and Regulations

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Future Land Use Atlas

Indicator Maps for finding scanned Future Land Use Atlas pages by Section, Township and Range. This map also links to the digital Future Land Use Atlas pages.

Future Land Use Map

The future land use identifies the adopted future land use designation for each parcel in the County. Development of each parcel is governed by the densities and/or intensities according to the future land use designation assigned. The Future Land Use geographically depicts the future distribution, general use and densities and intensities of the use of the land within each Tier.

Managed Growth Tier System A Comprehensive Plan Map

The Tiers within the Managed Growth Tier System group diverse communities with common characteristics providing strategies and policies tailored to each Tier to protect viable existing neighborhoods and communities and promote the enhancement of areas in need of assistance.  It is a program intended to maintain a healthy economy and a variety of housing and lifestyle choices, while considering the physical, social, cultural, environmental and economic needs of both current and future residents.

Population Density

This map was created to show Palm Beach Counties Population by Census Tracts for Census Year 2010.

Source: 2010 Census