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Petitioners must provide a detailed description of the violence and threats committed against them including the location, dates and time of the crimes:

  1. What did the respondent do that was violent: with the hands,feet, body, object, weapon?
  2. How did the respondent look while committing the violence and/or making threatening statements?
  3. How did you, the petitioner, feel when it was happening?
  4. If you were struck, describe where on your body.
  5. What marks on your body are evident from the violence?
  6. Were there witnesses to the violence?
  7. Were there children present during the actual violence?
  8. Were any pets injured or abused by the respondent?
  9. What did you do while the violence or direct threats were occurring?
  10. In the case of stalking, keep a record of the number of text messages, e-mails, phone calls, drive-bys of work and home location.
  11. If law enforcement was called, was there an arrest?
  12. If you are too traumatized to hand write the affidavit or have problems writing the English language, please tell the person assisting you.