The Victims of Trafficking and Violence Prevention Act (TVPA) 2000:
Cornerstone of federal human trafficking legislation, which criminalizes trafficking and broadens forms of coercion.  The purpose of the law is to combat trafficking in persons to ensure just and effective punishment of traffickers, and to protect their victims.  TVPA increases criminal penalties; requires mandatory restitution; provides for forfeiture; provides victims legal status (T-visa) and benefits; established an office to monitor and combat trafficking in persons which is responsible for publishing the TIP report.

Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2005
Creates a program for sheltering minors who are survivors of human trafficking, and grant programs to assist state and local law enforcement combat trafficking; expands measures to combat trafficking internationally, including provisions to fight sex tourism, and a strengthening of the regulation over government contracts to ensure they are not made with individuals or organizations that promote or engage in human trafficking.

William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008
Requires that the government provide information about workers’ rights to all people applying for work and education-based visas; expands the protections available with the T visa, and required that all unaccompanied alien children be screened as potential victims of human trafficking; enhances criminal sanctions against traffickers.


Florida Safe Harbor act
Authorizes delivery of children alleged to be dependent and sexually exploited to short-term safe houses; provides duties, responsibilities, and requirements for safe houses and their operators; provides for training for law enforcement officials who are likely to encounter sexually exploited children; provides for increased civil penalty for soliciting another to commit prostitution or related acts; allows victim compensation for sexually exploited children.

CS/CS/HB 7141
Directs DCF, DJJ, and lead agencies to participate in coordination of local responses to human trafficking; authorizes department to certify safe houses and safe foster homes and provides requirements for certification; authorizes placement of child in settings other than safe houses and safe foster homes under certain conditions; provides for transfer of general revenue funds and establishes positions.

CS/CS/HB 1325
Provides for expungement of criminal history record of victim of human trafficking; designates what offenses may be expunged; provides that conviction expunged under this act is deemed to have been vacated due to substantive defect in underlying criminal proceedings; provides requirements for petitions; provides for physical destruction of records; authorizes person whose records are expunged to lawfully deny or fail to acknowledge arrests covered by expunged record.

Prohibiting the employment of minors in adult theaters; eliminating the statute of limitations for prosecutions under a specified human trafficking provision; repealing provisions relating to procuring a person under the age of 18 for prostitution, selling or buying of minors into prostitution, and reclassification of certain violations involving minors, respectively; increased penalties.

HB 7049
Requires employee of massage establishment and any person performing massage therein to present, upon request of investigator, valid government identification; provides documentation requirements for operator of massage establishment; provides for forfeiture of property used, attempted to be used, or intended to be used in violation of specified human trafficking provisions.

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