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Advocates provide emergency services twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. Advocates respond to crime scenes, hospitals, and law enforcement offices to assist innocent victims of violent crime including domestic violence, survivors of homicide and DUI/ Driver Impaired deaths who are in crisis.. When you call our toll free hotline at 866-891-7273, you will immediately connect to a trained crisis counselor who provides crisis intervention.

We also provide:

  • Information on filing Protective Orders
  • Assistance with filing state victim compensation forms
  • Advocacy in civil and criminal proceedings
  • Accompaniment during medical and investigative procedures
  • Accompaniment to court proceedings and depositions
  • Social service, Referrals to Domestic Violence Shelters, medical, and legal referrals
  • Danger Assessments
  • Safety Planning
  • Criminal Justice System Information
  • Referral to Individual and Group Therapy
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