Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs)

PSAP's, commonly called dispatch centers, are locations that are staffed with trained Telecommunicators who answer and respond to emergency calls. There are 15 PSAP's in Palm Beach County; 13 primary and 2 secondary. Primary PSAP's receive the initial call for help, and when needed connect callers with the secondary PSAP, such as Palm Beach Fire Rescue, for fire or emergency medical assistance.  ​Some of the primary PSAP's answer for multiple municipalities, such as Palm Beach Gardens who answers calls from Jupiter, Jupiter Inlet Colony, Juno Beach, North Palm Beach, and Palm Beach Gardens.

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https://discover.pbcgov.org/publicsafety/911/Slider/Atlantis PD.JPG
https://discover.pbcgov.org/publicsafety/911/Slider/Boca PD.JPG
https://discover.pbcgov.org/publicsafety/911/Slider/Boynton PD.jpeg
https://discover.pbcgov.org/publicsafety/911/Slider/Delray PD.JPG
https://discover.pbcgov.org/publicsafety/911/Slider/FAU PD.JPG
https://discover.pbcgov.org/publicsafety/911/Slider/Lantana PD.JPG
https://discover.pbcgov.org/publicsafety/911/Slider/Manalapan PD.JPG
https://discover.pbcgov.org/publicsafety/911/Slider/Ocean Ridge PD.jpeg
https://discover.pbcgov.org/publicsafety/911/Slider/Palm Beach County FR.JPG
https://discover.pbcgov.org/publicsafety/911/Slider/Palm Beach Gardens FR.JPG
https://discover.pbcgov.org/publicsafety/911/Slider/Palm Beach Sheriff's.jpg
https://discover.pbcgov.org/publicsafety/911/Slider/Palm Springs PS.jpeg
https://discover.pbcgov.org/publicsafety/911/Slider/Riviera PD.JPG
https://discover.pbcgov.org/publicsafety/911/Slider/Town of Palm Beach PD.JPG
https://discover.pbcgov.org/publicsafety/911/Slider/West Palm Beach PD.jpeg