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Sun Sentinel article covering Text to 911

Informational video about Text to 911 from the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office

Informational video by the National Emergency Number Association about Text to 911 for the deaf, blind, hard of hearing, and speech disabled

CBS 12 video about a domestic violence survivor urging women to learn about county's Text to 911 service 

9-1-1 Program Services speaks to CBS 12 News about the proper use of Text to 911


Launch of Text-to-911

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On June 25, 2018, the Palm Beach County 911 Program Services team launched the Text-to-911 service throughout the county.  This was the result of several years of planning and coordination among our partner PSAPs, vendors and wireless cell service providers.  The text service is integrated into approximately 150 call taking workstations allowing each call taker access to answering a text call.  This process also included training over 450 call takers on the functions of Text-to-911.  Finally, before implementation the service had to be tested at each of our 17 PSAPs with all of the four major wireless carriers. 

Congratulations on the launch of a lifesaving program for the residents and visitors of Palm Beach County.

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     In 1991, Congress recognized the second full week of April as National Public Safety Telecommunicators' Week (NPSTW).  On April 2nd, Commissioner Robert Weinroth presented a proclamation declaring April 14-20, 2019, as Palm Beach County Public Safety Telecommunicators' Week. 

     In Palm Beach County, over 1 million 9-1-1 calls are answered at the 17 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) across the county.  The communications centers are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by Florida State-certified Public Safety Telecommunicators.  These professionals have multiple duties besides answering the incoming 9-1-1. They are, most importantly, the first link to the public safety system, often referred to as the 'first' First Responders.

     Palm Beach County 9-1-1 Program Services staff took time to visit the PSAPs to show their appreciation for these dedicated professionals.  Copies of the proclamation were also distributed to the PSAPs.