​9-1-1 Address Verification

The Addressing Section of Planning, Zoning, and Building is the official regulatory authority on street addresses for Palm Beach County. We create and maintain a collection of all existing, approved addresses and all private and public street names.

For address or PSAP verification, please go to the link below:

Palm Beach County MyGeoNav

  1. Type address in "Location Search" box.
    • Valid addresses should auto-complete.
  2. To find the PSAP jurisdictions:
    • Click on the layers icon. (looks like a stack of discs)
    • Open 'All Other' folder and select PSAP.
    • The PSAP can be viewed in the Parcels Info window.

For more information on addressing in Palm Beach County, please go to the PZB webpage:

Planning, Zoning, and Building Addressing 



Florida Statutes

Chapter 119 of Florida Statutes regulates Public Records. 

Chapter 365 of Florida Statutes regulates the E911 system. 

9-1-1 Recordings and Reports

911 call records, CAD reports and incident reports are the property of the reporting agency.  To request a copy of a 911 recording you must contact the Agency of Record.  This would be the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP)  that received the report. 

For more information about PSAPs serving Palm Beach County and contact information, please click here.