​Below is a listing of the Battalions that link to their fire stations operated by Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.  

The station information page contains apparatus information and images.


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Battalion 1

 District Chief: William Rowley

Phone Number: ​ 561-748-4730

 Battalion 2

District Chief: Amanda Vomero

Phone Number:  561-790-6105

Battalion 3

District Chief: Geraldine Jaramillo

Phone Number: ​ 561-233-3412

Battalion 4

 District Chief: William Stansbury

Phone Number: ​ 561-498-3334 


Battalion 5

District Chief: Joe Bostic

Phone Number: ​ 561-218-5743

Battalion 7

District Chief: Rickey Rodriguez

Phone Number: ​ 561-996-2032

Battalion 9

District Chief: Bob Kropa

Phone Number: ​ 561-790-6051

Battalion 10

District Chief: Tracey Adams

Phone Number: ​ 561-233-0143

Battalion Reserve

Battalion Chief: James Kahn

Phone Number: ​ 561-436-0304