The purpose of this portal is to inform the architect, owner, contractor and sub-contractors of the basic rules of engagement and minimum requirements of Fire Rescue to ensure compliance and cooperation throughout your project.  All permitting is submitted, approved/denied, and issued through the appropriate Building Department.  All “Fire" related plans submission and construction inspections are conducted by the Plans & Construction Branch of the Community Risk Reduction Division, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.  The current edition of the Florida Fire Prevention Code and Palm Beach County Local Amendments provide minimum fire-related requirements for all construction projects. 

Below are basic rules to be followed along with links that establish and help clarify our requirements. If you have any questions regarding the permitting process or the fire code requirements, please contact the Plans Review Branch of the Community Risk Reduction Division for Palm Beach County Fire Rescue at 561-233-0050.   

10 Basic Rules:
Rule #1 – No Construction related to any Fire related systems may start until plans have been submitted, reviewed and approved with the appropriate Permit being issued.
Rule #2 – All approved stamped plans and permits shall be on site at the time of any inspection.
Rule #3 – All road surfaces shall be of sufficient material to withstand the weight of firefighting apparatus under all weather conditions
Rule #4 – Roadways are to be remain clear at all times with parking only allowed on one side of the road
Rule #5 – All chained gates are required to have a Knox Lock for Fire Rescue access
Rule #6 - Construction with non-combustible materials may not start until a water supply sufficient for firefighting operations has been established
Rule #7 – For new high-rise structures, a standpipe for fire operations shall be provided at least one-floor below the highest floor under construction
Rule #8 - While under COVID-19 restrictions – In order for an inspection to occur, ALL on site personnel shall wear the required personal protective equipment as mandated by the Governor's office
Rule #9 – A representative of the trade calling in the inspection will be on site and accompany the inspector during the inspection.
Rule #10 – Unless a TCO has been approved, no non-construction personnel or equipment shall be allowed within a structure under construction