To report arson, or any other crime, contact Crimestoppers at
or call 1-800-458-TIPS (8477).

​About Us     

Working under the direction of the Office of the Fire Marshal is the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Investigations Unit. The unit is comprised of a Captain and five full-time fire/arson investigators, two part-time fire/arson investigators and a records/evidence custodian. The unit is tasked with providing twenty-four hour investigative services to the citizens and visitors of Palm Beach County. Their primary mission is to perform investigations into the origin and cause of fire/explosion scenes, as well as, the preservation of the scene and the collection of evidence. The Investigations Unit responds to all areas that are serviced by the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, in addition to, those areas serviced by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

The investigators are also members of the Palm Beach County Bomb/Arson Task Force, which allows them to be sworn law enforcement officers through the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. Having law enforcement authority gives them the ability to make arrests and carry firearms, as well as, present cases to the Office of the State Attorney for prosecution of any bomb/fire/arson crimes. All of the members of the unit are professionally qualified to provide expert witness testimony in both criminal and civil cases.

Investigations Staff

​Captain Tom Fucci​IV1561-616-7055
​Harry Fenwick​IV2561-616-7075
Paul MatthewsIV3​561-616-7056
​Joshua Faircloth​IV4561-616-7054
Pam SummersIV5​561-616-7023
​Brian Gordon​IV7561-616-7059
David Toohey​IV8​561-616-7071