***Pursuant to Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, requests for public records may be submitted in person, by mail, online submission form, email or telephonically. A public records request does not have to be in writing as a prerequisite for completing a public records request. Please feel free to contact this office in writing or by phone.***


Please review the below information carefully regarding requesting records from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue (PBCFR).

Upon submission, you will receive a request number and security key associated with your request.

Each request will be processed within a reasonable time frame based on the volume of requests at that time as well as the nature of your request. Requests that are more complex may take longer. Some requests may prompt an estimated cost of service, which will be provided prior to the start of the work.

To check the status of your request visit Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Records Requests - Track request (justfoia.com)

*You will need to have your Request Number and the Security Key that you will receive upon submission of your request*



Records and Resource Bureau
Phone: 561-616-7025
Email: legalliaison@pbcgov.org



             Palm Beach County Fire Rescue
             Attn: Records and Resource Bureau
             405 Pike Road
             West Palm Beach, Florida 33411

In person: 
             Palm Beach County Fire Rescue – (Headquarters-off Southern Blvd. and the Florida Turnpike)
             405 Pike Road
             West Palm Beach, Florida 33411

***Please note that submitting a request in writing is voluntary as well as providing a copy of your driver's license.  However, without a signed release or a copy of the patient's driver license, we would have to redact the Protected Health Information following HIPAA guidelines for all medical reports.***

Proceed to the front desk and request a Records Request form to fill out.  They will be able to assist you in making a copy of your driver's license to attach to the request.  It will then get forwarded to the Records and Resource Bureau for fulfillment.


​The Records Custodian is responsible for collecting, securing and maintaining investigative evidence and reports for all of Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. A number of different types of reports are available through the Records Custodian's office. To contact the Record Custodian, please use the following information:

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, Records

405 Pike Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33411
Phone:  561-616-7025
Email: emsreports@pbcgov.org (REPORTS ONLY, NOT FOR BILLING)

For all media inquiries, please email the PIO address:  PBCFRPIO@pbcgov.org


Bills are not available through this office. Please contact our billing company:

Intermedix 888-987-0593 or Via Fax @ 614-987-2075

Request a Run Report (for an attorney)

Email or Mail your request along with:
  • medical authorization signed by the patient,
  • date and location of the call, and
  • a copy of any applicable police report.
No Faxes.


Request a Run Report (for a patient) 

Email or mail your request along with:
  • a copy of your picture id and
  • the date and location of the call.
You may also pick up the report in person at our address, but please call first so that the report will be ready.
No Faxes.

Request a Fire Report

Email or mail you request, including the date and location of the call, to the above contact information.

 No Faxes.

Serve a civil subpoena to a PBCFR employee

Call our offices on the day the subpoena is to be served to aquire where and what shift the employee is working next so that you may serve the subpoena directly.  


Serve a criminal subpoena to a PBCFR employee

You may serve all criminal subpoenas, within the appropriate time frame according to F.S.S., to the address listed above.