WE, THE PERSONNEL, of Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, are committed to assuring the residents, guests, and visitors in our community a secure and superior quality of life. We accomplish this by maintaining the highest state of readiness, dedication, and compassion in order to minimize emotional, physical, and economic loss.

We acknowledge that empathy toward human suffering requires special individuals who realize the importance of their unselfish contribution and personal commitment to the welfare of the team and community.

In our organization, we strive to make a difference in our people by creating an atmosphere of teamwork and fellowship while recognizing the individual attributes and responding to the needs of each other.



Palm Beach County Fire Rescue was created on October 1, 1984, when the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners passed a resolution consolidating the existing fire districts in Palm Beach County.

Prior to 1984 the following fire districts were in existence, covering mostly unincorporated Palm Beach County:

  • Jupiter-Tequesta
  • Juno Beach
  • Old Dixie
  • Military Park
  • Southwest
  • Trail Park
  • Reservation
  • Del Trail
  • Canal Point
  • Palm Beach International Airport

These departments consolidated, under the leadership of Chief Herman Brice, into Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. Most of the incorporated cities, unless they were under a contract with a fire district, retained their own departments.