Summer Camp Programs


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All camp programs must be reserved in advance.
Camp program fee: $5 per participant.
Program start time: 10 a.m.

Run time is 60 to 90 minutes depending on program.
Cash or check (No credit cards please.) due the day of the program. Checks can be made out to: PBC Board Of County Commissioners or PBC B.O.C.C.

Activities promote environmental and historical awareness, conservation, and recreation​.

Please call the park office at: 561-741-1359 for reservations and any questions.

Program Topics

Aquatic Wonderland

Come learn about the health and role of the wetlands in Riverbend Park. Please come prepared* for your feet to get wet as you catch and observe aquatic organisms! (*closed-toe shoes required)

Basic Birding

Learn how to use your binoculars to find and get a close up look at birds. Search for birds and use bird guides to learn what markings on birds help identify them. (Good shoes, water, and a hat are recommended)

Riverbend’s Reptiles and Amphibians

From frogs to alligators, Riverbend is home to many. Search for while learning why these animals are so important to the ecosystem.

Flying Flowers

Search for butterflies and learn about their amazing life cycle and about the plants that sustain them. Take a close look at some butterflies and then release them to their natural habitat. (Good shoes, water, and a hat are recommended)

Shaped By Fire

Learn the role that fire has in the ecosystem and how we work with it at Riverbend. Explore some areas that have been recently burned. (Good shoes, water, and a hat are recommended)

Feathered Hunters (Riverbend’s Raptors)

Learn about Riverbend’s raptors and the unique characteristics that make them what they are. Go on a short walk in search of raptors and will take a look at one of our rescued raptors.