​To Arts4All Florida - Palm Beach County Friends and Supporters

My sister Karen and I are so grateful to our friend Donna, for introducing us to Arts4All Florida - Palm Beach County 14 years ago.

Karen came to live with my family and I in 2002. She had virtually become a hermit since graduating from high school ten years earlier. She wouldn’t socialize with her peers, and wouldn’t converse with others. It was very hard to see her day in and day out with no social outlet. We wanted Karen to make a few friends and find her smile again.  When she moved down, I decided I needed to find some fun things for her to do.  Our friend Donna told me about a Sumi-e Ink Class that she was taking her son Terry to and said that she thought it was something Karen would enjoy. I took Karen and discovered that she loved art!

She has been taking the Sumi-e ink class every year since then. Since that class, Karen has become a sociable girl who just can’t stop smiling!  We saw her happiness build and confidence shine through her artwork.  Karen participates in Arts4All Florida - Palm Beach County activities monthly and is always looking forward to seeing her friends in the class. Other programs she enjoys include the jewelry making classes, pottery, glass fusing, abstract art, and watercolor painting.  We are so grateful to all of the teaching artists including Walford Campbell, Penny Sangregorio, and Susan Wilders who have taught these wonderful programs throughout the years.

Thank you Arts4All Florida - Palm Beach County for making such a difference in Karen’s life! 

Miriam Corrar                                                                    

Sister of Karen a Arts4All Florida - Palm Beach County artist

sister of karen 

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