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Bus Routes and Real-Time Schedules at Your Fingertips!




iPhone_small.jpgPalm Tran's FREE app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play!

Click the Apple or Google links below to download Palm Tran's FREE myStop Mobile App!  Once in myStop Mobile, select the Palm Tran icon.


iGO! Features

iGo! includes a built-in trip planner and real-time text or email alerts sent to your phone/computer indicating what time your bus is approaching your stop. Register for alert subscriptions to receive daily real-time information by route and stop today!

Daily Subscription Alerts via Email or Text

One Time Alerts for Emails and Texts!

1. Select “Route”, “Direction” and “Stop”.
2. Select the time range you want to alert.
3. Enter email address and click “Set Alert”.
4. Receive an alert 10 minutes before the estimated stop departure.

On-Demand Text Alerts

Now available for all Palm Tran bus stops!

1. Text the number 321123.
2. Message igo with the bus stop number.   For example: igo3053
3. Receive a text that uses the GPS on the bus to tell you in real-time the next bus departures for that stop.
4. Try it today! Normal text message rates from your cellular provider apply.

Register and Login on Your Computer

Follow these easy steps!

1. Click on the “Login” button on the top right hand corner of the page will display a popup asking for your login credentials.
2. Click on the "Sign up here" link at the bottom of the popup.
3. Enter a valid email address and create a password for your account.
4. Click "Register" and you will receive a verification code via email to confirm the email address being used.
5. Enter the verification code into the Email Verification box in the textbox to complete your registration.
6. Register your phone number to receive text message alerts.
7. Click the "Save Changes" button to confirm your information.


Click the video link below to watch our “How To Use iGO!” Presentation


How to use iGO! on your - COMPUTER
How to use iGO! on your - MOBILE DEVICE
How to use iGO! on your - iPHONE