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Stormwater’s mission is accomplished with a “Protecting Our Waterway’s… One Drain at a Time.” approach by inspecting, cleaning, maintaining and repairing Palm Beach County’s stormwater system. Activities performed by the Stormwater staff begins with defined routes to address pathway sweeping, street sweeping, dry / wet retention system maintenance, stormwater infrastructure mapping and inspection, stormwater infrastructure repair and maintenance, and maintain / report stormwater controls and collection systems per the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) MS4 Permit.
Stormwater inspection, regular cleaning, maintence and repairs are (BMP’s) Best Management Practices and activities that prevent sedimentation from making their way to receiving bodies of water while ensuring the positive flow of stormwater and compliance with the Clean Water Act. ​

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Stormwater Superintendent

Santiago (Jimmy) Valdez

Stormwater Supervisor