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Video Reach or Throw Don't Go

Drowning Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County

Before you take a rescue action, CALL for HELP!


* NEVER jump into the water to rescue a person or pet in distress
* Reach while lying on your stomach to avoid being pulled into the water
* If possible, reach with an elongated item that the distressed person can grab onto and be pulled out of the water.


*Items to THROW are those that float

Don't GO!

* Do not attempt a rescue by jumping into the water. A distressed or panicked person or pet will always cause you to be in danger as they attempt to use you as a flotation device to save themselves.

* If you are an adult, capable of saving yourself without a floatation device in a body of water and the distressed person or pet is not conscious, do not jump in unless you have a flotation device in your posession.

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ABCDs of Water Safety