The Drowning Prevention Coalition, funded by the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners, and the Children's Services Council has implemented a coordinated system that increases access to swimming instruction, resources, information and education for residents throughout Palm Beach County.

With funding from the Quantum Foundation, Inc., the Coalition has placed thousands of children attending childcare programs throughout the county in learn to swim classes offered at the YMCA's in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach. Through partnerships with various city, county and private pools, a voucher system allows qualifying families to participate in learn to swim programs. The Coalition has demonstrated water safety techniques to more than 3,000 Palm Beach County children in the past two years.

The fight against drowning and near drowning incidents is far from over. Spring has traditionally been the most active season for drowning deaths. With visitors from the north and children celebrating spring break, the stakes increase for drowning-related incidents. Increased rip currents, over confidence, peer pressure and inadequate supervision contribute to drowning and near drowning incidents.

Tragedy no longer needs to be the catalyst for communities to become water safety conscious. Through continued community education and water safety courses, the Drowning Prevention Coalition will pursue an end to drownings in Palm Beach County. Our target is Zero Drowning. Anyone interested in accessing our services or helping us on a volunteer basis is urged to call 616-7068.

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