All current DPC educational and swimming lesson programming has been suspended until further notice due to COVID-19.  For updates please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Thank you!

However, applications for our free/reduced cost swim program are being accepted but not processed until given notification to do so. Thank you for your understanding as we navigate through this time period.

Does your child(ren) qualify? Must be:
1)    PBC Resident
2)    Age 2-12
3)    Non-Swimmer
4)    Receive EITHER Medicaid, Fl Kid Care, Healthy Kids OR parent/guardian receives food stamps or section 8 housing. Child(ren) who are special needs or a foster child can also qualify as long as requirements 1-3 are met.      

Has your child used the program before? If they have already redeemed two vouchers in the past they are no longer eligible (3 if special needs).  Please click on swimming lessons to find aquatic facilities providing lessons in your area. 

Free/Reduced Cost Swimming Application
Click on and answer all questions and closely follow the directions.  If you have more than 1 child you must answer the questions again and fill out a separate application. If filling out the form on any type of portable device click on Desktop View at the bottom of the page before filling out the form. Your patience is appreciated during this busy time.  Any questions, please call 561-616-7068.  Thank you!

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Video  Why is Learning About Water Safety so Important?

PDF document 2018 Spring/Summer Newsletter

Request a Presentation and/or a Water Safety Informational display at an event


To prevent drowning, near-drowning and other water-related incidents in Palm Beach County by educating residents on water safety and basic rescue techniques.

The number one cause of drowning in both Palm Beach County and the U.S. is Unsupervised Water Activity.

Seniors have the highest drowning rate in Palm Beach County*.
    * based on population
    * Source: Palm Beach County Medical Examiner records and the Office of Economic and Demographic Research

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