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PDF document Child Water Safety Checklist
PDF document Lis Mwen An Pou Sekirite Nan Dlo
PDF document Mi Lista para la Seguridad en el Agua

My Pool:
Has a 4 foot or higher barrier (fence) with self-latching gates
All doors with pool area access are secure with working alarms and locks installed
The pool / spa/ hot tub drain conforms to the Pool and Spa Safety Act to meet anti-entrapment standards
I have located the cut off switch to the pool / spa / hot tub and know how to disable the pump
Life saving equipment is readily available around the pool

Life Ring
Reaching Pole
Shepherd's Hook
Pool Noodle

My Child:
Can save themselves in a body of water without the use of a flotation device

If the child cannot swim, the child is wearing a USCG-approved life jacket that fits and is worn properly
Has received water safety swim lessons
Knows water safety rules and understand them
Knows to never enter the water without an adult supervising as a "Water Watcher"
Understands the dangers of playing in dirty water and knows not to do so (lake, pond, canal, standing water)
Knows basic rescue techniques

Reach, Throw, Don't GO

Can save myself in a body of water without the use of a flotation device
Know to call 911 OR assign a specific person to do so in an emergency
Know CPR
Know basic rescue techniques in cluding "Reach, Throw, Don't GO"
Know if a child is motionless in the water and I must go into the water, I will always take a flotation devide with me
Have a confirmed "Water Watcher" at all times
Have a phone within reach for emergencies
Have trained all my children's caregivers to comply with all of the above

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