APRIL 12, 2011


TUESDAY                                                                                                         COMMISSION CHAMBERS

9:30 A.M.                                                                                                             



1.         CALL TO ORDER


A.        Roll Call

B.        Invocation

C.        Pledge of Allegiance




A.        Additions, Deletions, Substitutions

B.        Adoption







4.           9:30 A.M.                 Presentation by the Palm Beach County Business Forum (Admin)


5.         10:30 A.M.                Convention Center Hotel (Admin)


1.         Staff recommends motion to:


A) conceptually approve a County subsidy in the amount of $27 Million for the development of a 400 room Hilton Convention Center Hotel (Hotel) to the Related Companies (Related);


B) direct staff to begin negotiations with the Related concerning the necessary Agreements to facilitate the development and operation of the Hotel; and


C) approve a Budget Transfer of $200,000 from the General Fund Contingency Reserves to fund  specialty consultant and legal services.


SUMMARY: On March 9, 2010, the Board of County Commissioners (Board) approved the Selection Committee’s No. 1 ranking of the Related for the development and operation of the Hotel and directed Staff to begin discussions with the Related regarding the financing for the project.  Staff along with the Related has evaluated numerous financing options all of which yielded positives and negatives for both parties.  The Proposal submitted by the Related included a County subsidy of $35 Million.  Federal New Market Tax Credits (NMTC) have been identified as a viable option to reduce the County’s subsidy by $8 Million. There is no guarantee that NMTCs in this amount can be secured, however Related requires a commitment by the County to approach Community Development Entities for NMTC allocations.  If the Board agrees to the subsidy, Staff is requesting direction to commence negotiations concerning the necessary Agreements to facilitate the development and operation of the Hotel including the Settlement Agreement with the City of West Palm Beach. Upon completion of negotiations, Staff will present the Agreements to the Board for consideration. It is estimated that this project will create over 360 construction jobs for approximately two (2) years and 300 permanent full-time jobs once the Hotel is operational. The net Annual Regional Economic Impact exceeds $25 Million annually.  Countywide (JM/HJF/PK)


6.         11:45 A.M.                Video Visitation Presentation (FDO)


7.           2:00 P.M.                 Mining Update (PZB)


8.         ADJOURNMENT
APRIL 12, 2011








1.         Staff recommends motion to approve:  Warrant List.


2.         Staff recommends motion to approve:  Contracts (regular) and claim settlements list as submitted by various departments to the Clerk & Comptroller=s Office.  Countywide



            B.        PALM TRAN


1.         Staff requests Board concurrence: on the draft Request for Proposals (RFP) for Connection service, which contains the changes that were discussed with and recommended by the Board of County Commissioners in February. This is provided for review and concurrence prior to our sending it to County Purchasing for final preparation. SUMMARY: Palm Tran has provided paratransit service to Palm Beach County residents since October 2000 when Connection was established. In February 2005, Palm Tran entered into a seven (7) year contract with two (2) primary private vendors: MV Transportation, and Palm Beach Metro, who are responsible for 94% of the service. The current contract expires February 2012.  Staff has previously met with and gathered public input at three (3) separate meetings of the Palm Tran Service Board (PTSB) and the Para-Transit Subcommittee of the PTSB.


                                    Potential Cost Saving Measures – Staff, based on our previous meeting, has made the following modifications to the draft RFP: 


A) Having One Primary Vendor – this would provide the greatest economic incentive and should provide the greatest cost savings for the County;


B) Allow for greater flexibility in service delivery – By allowing for a greater use of subcontractors and independent contractors (including taxis), we believe we will achieve significant cost savings in the operation of service;


C) Allow for use of non-ambulatory vehicles including sedans - Currently all vehicles used must be wheelchair accessible vehicles with the smallest size being minivans. Based on our experience staff now recommends that up to 40% of the vehicles used on any one day could be smaller, non-accessible vehicles to better accommodate ambulatory customers, which should serve to reduce both vendor and County costs;


D) Allow limited advertising on the rear of the vehicles used for Palm Tran Connection service. Palm Tran annually receives approximately $400,000 in revenue for allowing advertising on buses. Allowing advertising on Connection vehicles should prove to be another source of revenue that can be used to offset the County’s cost of providing this service;


E) Vendors in addition to the base proposal will be allowed to submit a proposal on the alternate proposal with the vendor doing all the scheduling instead of Connection staff. Countywide (DR)




APRIL 12, 2011






            C.        PUBLIC SAFETY


1.         Staff recommends motion to approve on preliminary reading and advertise for public hearing on May 17, 2011 at 9:30 a.m.: an Ordinance of the Board of County Commissioners of Palm Beach County, Florida, enacting a six-month moratorium upon the acceptance of applications for and the issuance of Vehicle for Hire business permits, by amending Palm Beach County Code Chapter 19, Article IX (Ordinance No. 2008-043), providing for a moratorium; providing for repeal of laws in conflict; providing for a savings clause; providing for inclusion in the code of laws and ordinances; providing for severability; and providing for an effective date.  SUMMARY: On March 15, 2011, the Board of County Commissioners voted to impose a six-month moratorium on the acceptance of applications for the issuance of Vehicle for Hire business permits for new companies wishing to operate a Vehicle for Hire business within Palm Beach County in order to provide staff the opportunity to consider modifications to the Vehicle for Hire Ordinance. This Ordinance implements the Board’s direction to enact the moratorium. Countywide (GB)




                                                                            * * * * * * * * * * * *

April 12, 2011 – 9:30 a.m.



                                                     BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS







APRIL 12, 2011


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                     10:30 A.M.        MOVED TO 11:00 A.M.: Convention Center Hotel (Admin)


                     11:45 A.M.        MOVED TO 10:45 A.M./NO BACKUP MATERIALS: Video Visitation Presentation (FDO)




NOTE:  Items that were revised, added, deleted, or backup submitted and were not listed on the addition/deletion sheet distributed to the Board the prior day are noted with an asterisk (*).