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 Vacation Rental Homes

Vacation Rentals in Palm Beach County are currently CLOSED

Palm Beach County has submitted a safety plan to the state that has been approved for the opening of Vacation and Short Term Rentals.  It was our hope to allow for the operation of vacation rentals in Palm Beach County; however, data over the past couple months has shown increases in COVID hospitalizations, increases in the percentage of new COVID-19 cases, and an increase in numbers of new COVID cases in the county.  In addition, Palm Beach County has implemented laws that require the wearing of masks in public places and modified the hours of operation of restaurants and other applicable businesses in an effort to address the rise in COVID cases and hospitalizations.  We continue to have conversations with the state, including the Florida Surgeon General and the Director of the Palm Beach County Department of Health about this data.  We continue to believe it would be prudent to move cautiously on the opening of Vacation Rentals, thus delaying the issuance of the Emergency Order that would allow for the reopening of these types of rentals.  We monitor the health data daily and based on these assessments, we will make future announcements about the best date to open vacation rentals.  We are hopeful the data will improve and we can move forward, and we appreciate the cooperation of the business community and our visitors as we try to continue to safely and cautiously reopen Palm Beach County.

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