For several decades, the Palm Beach County nursery industry has consistently remained among the top five largest nursery production counties in Florida. About 450 nurseries undertake production split about 50/50 between in-ground field nursery tree and palm production, and container plant production.  Container production is primarily landscape material, but also includes interiorscape destined foliage production, bedding plants, flowering plants like orchids, and small liner plants sold to other nurseries to grow into larger salable sizes.  University of Florida/IFAS Extension, Palm Beach County support for the industry is provided through many opportunities including workshops and webinars, blogs, publications, videos and web pages.  Topics include such areas as how to manage crop pests and diseases, how to comply with federal, state and local regulations, business management and more.   Diagnostic services are also provided for those tough to solve issues, with recommendations based upon the very latest University of Florida horticultural, environmental, entomological, pathology and nematology research based information.  Strong leadership for the industry is provided by the very active Palm Beach Chapter, Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association.


Crotons grown in a nursery  


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