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A Florida Thanksgiving

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A Florida Thanksgiving


Many locally grown fruits and vegetables are making their way from the farmer’s fields to supermarket shelves just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Area residents and the rest of the nation at large depend greatly on Florida vegetable farmers to provide the main staples for America’s traditional Thanksgiving dinner side dishes. If you are using fresh snap beans in the ever-favorite Green Bean Casserole, they are exclusively Florida-grown. In fact, Palm Beach County growers farm upwards of 5,500 acres of snap beans annually and plan their main fall harvest to coincide with Thanksgiving demand. Whether steamed, boiled, grilled, or creamed, sweet corn is another Thanksgiving staple that largely comes from south Florida. Of the 34,000 acres grown in Florida, Palm Beach County producers farm some 65% of the state’s sweet corn acreage. UF/IFAS Palm Beach County Extension encourages everyone to look for the Fresh-from-Florida logo when shopping for fruit and vegetables. Have a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving.