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Yum & Fun at the 18th annual South Florida Sweet Corn Fiesta

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Yum & Fun at the 18th annual South Florida Sweet Corn Fiesta


The 18th annual Sweet Corn Fiesta, presented by the Sunshine Sweet Corn Farmers of Florida, is taking place this Sunday, April 29th at the Yesteryear Village in West Palm Beach, FL.

The annual South Florida Sweet Corn Fiesta is buttered with a family festival of children's games, live music, competitions, and mouth-watering, locally grown sweet corn. The Fiesta is a great family event promoting Agriculture and Florida's Sweet Corn Industry which annually produces over a billion ears of fresh market sweet corn.

No trip to Yesteryear Village would be complete without joining in on the blast from the past fun of the Old Fashioned Bathing Suit Competition. Other activities include children's rides and games, yummy fresh sweet corn, lots of food and craft vendors, live music and more contests. Kids of all ages will love it, especially if they join in on the youth corn shucking contest.

Adults too can share in the fun and excitement by participating in or joining in on the spectacle of the adult corn shucking and amateur corn eating contests. If you're guessing where there's an amateur corn eating contest, there's a professional one, you are correct.

The ever popular International Corn Eating Contest draws contestants from near and far to compete in this Major League Eating sanctioned event. The competition is tough, with world records set and broken in 2016 and 2017. At last year's event, Carmen Cincotti of New Jersey ate 61.75 ears of Florida sweet corn in 12 minutes to set a new world record. And there were those said that Yasir Salem's 2016 record of 47 would never be broken.

Gates open at 11am


  • Adults: $10
  • Children ages 6-11: $5
  • Children 5 & under: Free
  • Children's unlimited ride wristband: $5

Hope to see you there!!