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The November Garden

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The November Garden



Pictured: Flowering Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow shrub-Brunsfelsia americana. Click to enlarge image.

Take some time to carefully look at each canopy tree, and large shrub in your landscape.  Properly prune out all dead or damaged branches, remove any crossing or rubbing branches and finally remove branches that are narrowly attached to tree or shrub trunks. This pruning routine will prevent the dead branches from falling out of the tree during a windstorm and it will help thin out the tree or shrub canopy to allow winds to easily pass through. Never top a tree, branches that grow from topped trees or shrubs can easily break off in the next storm. If you are hesitant about tree trimming or you cannot prune that large tree you can contact a certified arborist at
Replace any dead trees with wind resistant native trees as southern magnolia, live oak, bald cypress, dahoon holly and pigeon plum.

For information on proper tree pruning and recommended tree replacements contact the Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension Service Master Gardener Volunteer hotline at 233-1750.