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Green Market Grower's Permits

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Green Market Grower's Permits


Green Markets are a distinct part of American culture reflecting each community's uniqueness and charm with regionally produced specialties for sale directly to the public. Green Market managers may request local growers of agricultural products to obtain a Grower's Permit prior to being an accepted vendor at their Green Market. UF/IFAS Palm Beach County Extension Agents issue the Grower's Permit at no charge to agricultural producers within Palm Beach County after conducting an on-site inspection of the farm, nursery, or grove and verifying certain criteria. The Grower's Permit is valid for one year. If you grow vegetables, herbs, fruit or ornamentals and are interested in obtaining a Grower's Permit for your operation for use with cooperating Green Markets please contact Dr. Chris Miller, UF/IFAS PBC Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Agent, 561-233-1718 or If you grow ornamental plants and are interested in obtaining a Grower's Permit, please contact Bill Schall UF/IFAS PBC  Commercial Horticulture Agent, 561-233-1725 or