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Don't Encourage Pesky Air Potato

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Don't Encourage Pesky Air Potato


Pictured:Invasive Air Potato vine overtaking a landscape plant. Click to enlarge image.

Air Potato- Is a prohibited, invasive, non-native plant that can spread on its own, causing environmental and economic damage. Air potato is an aggressive twining vine a generally bitter, poisonous member of the yam family. Air potato vine may be familiar to you with its broadly heart shaped leaves that can easily climb high into mature tree canopies. This vine produces large numbers of aerial bulb-like structures and underground tubers which accelerate its spread. For information on identifying air potato call the Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension Service Master Gardener volunteer hotline at 233-1750. The air potato vine can be controlled naturally by a beneficial beetle which is available through the US Department of Agriculture, the Florida Department of Agriculture and the University of Florida working together to rear and release these beetles in Florida. Air potato beetle releases are made between May and October when air potato plants are actively growing. For more information on beneficial air potato leaf beetle requests for release on your property see web link: