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2020 South Florida Horse Show

April 17-19 - Okeechobee County Fairgrounds


Registration for 2020 South Area 4-H Horse Show, April 17th – 19th, at the Okeechobee County Agri-Civic Center & Fairgrounds in Okeechobee, FL is now open.  The planning committee has worked hard to coordinate this event for you and we are excited to have you attend.
All registration must be handled online (https://animal.ifas.ufl.edu/extension/youth/4-h-horse-program-general-info/florida-4h-horse-shows/florida-4-h-area-horse-shows--entry-procedures/) and through your county Extension Office and must be paid for with one check.  Please pay close attention to due dates and thoroughly read all the instructions.  Below is a list of individual forms that you must completed online and returned to your County 4-H Agent.  All online forms must be completed by midnight on March 25th.  The printed registration with signature and additional forms outlined below must be turned in to your 4-H Agent no later than 5:00 pm on March 27th.  Please see requirements below:

  • Entry Form – Online
  • 4-H Participation/Health & Code of Conduct Form – via 4HOnline
  • Confirmation Email – printed online
  • Receipt of Rule Book Form – with confirmation email online (print and return)
  • Statement of Understanding – with confirmation email online (print and return)
  • Printed copy of registration form – To 4-H Office by 3/27
  • Current coggins for all entries - Printed copy to 4-H Office by 3/27
  • Turn in all fees due (clearly listed on your online form) due by 3/27


    Due Date: Online registrations must be completed by Wednesday, March 25th at 11:59 pm.  Printed & signed Registration forms, coggins and payments must be submitted to the 4-H Office by March 27, 2020.  Please make your check payable to "Palm Beach County 4-H Association" and they will write one county check to Charlotte County 4-H Assoc to pay for registration, stall fees etc.  Please submit all forms to Dina Ligotino; if you have questions, you may reach her at DLigotino@pbcgov.org or 561-233-1792.

    How many classes May I Enter?  You may register for a total of five (5) classes. Contestants may enter only one conformation class, one Showmanship class, and one Ground Handling class. 


    Stall Requests: On the online entry, please write in your stall preference.  If you are the individual purchasing the tack stall, please list those with whom you will be sharing.  Only one individual should include payment for the tack stall.


    Rules:  The "Florida 4-H Area & State Horse Show Official Rules 2020" 4HHSG05 will be the rule book for the show.  If you do not have a copy, please contact your county Extension Office or download it from https://animal.ifas.ufl.edu/extension/youth/4-h-horse-program-general-info/florida-4h-horse-shows/horse-show-rules/.


    Foals:  There will be NO FOALS at the South Area 4-H Horse Show.


    Theft: Misuse or abuse of public or personal property by a participant or his or her family will not be tolerated.  Counties and/or individuals will be billed for damages.


    Weather: If it rains, we will conduct the classes in the rain.  If the weather deteriorates, the show may be temporarily suspended.  That decision will be made solely by the Show Management.


    P.A. System:  The P.A. system is used to help the show move as smoothly as possible, but is only a courtesy.  It is the responsibility of the contestants to know when they are required to be in the staging area or arena.  Not hearing or understanding gate calls, etc., is NOT an excuse for missing one's order of work, heat or class.

    Bring with you to the Fairgrounds for check in:

    Your current, negative Coggins paperwork. Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service inspectors will be at check –in to check for this paperwork.  The name you show your horse under when you register must be exactly the same as it is on the Coggins paperwork. If the name on the Coggins paperwork is a nickname, then you should register your horse under that nickname….Simply….The horse's name on the Coggins needs to match exactly the name of the horse that you register!

    Measuring Ponies:  If you are entered in any of the following classes at the South Area Show you must have your pony measured during check-in: #1, 6, 28, 33, & 40.  Friday check-in is from 1 pm- 6pm, on Saturday 6:30 am – 9:00 am / 3:00pm – 6:00 PM and Sunday 7 am – 9am.  Please come to the Show Office on Saturday and Sunday. Your pony must be measured before you enter your first class.


    In the Rules: Any 4-H exhibitor registered at the current show is allowed to be riding the horse on the show grounds.  Lunging (in a halter, with no other tack or equipment on the animal) by someone other than the exhibitor is allowed.  Assistance or coaching of contestants while competing in a class may warrant penalties or disqualification. No electronic communication devices will be allowed by exhibitors while in the class.


    Intermediates to Regionals: Please refer to the attachment, Official Rules pg 1, or your 4-H Agent for full explanation of this rule.


    Hotels & Camping: The Hampton Inn is $99/night and reservations can be made after Monday, March 9, 2020 and until April 10, 2020 or the rooms will be taken off hold and rate will go back to $159/night.  Days Inn by Wyndham (863-824-7676) is $85 per night and must be reserved by April 13, 2020 or the rooms will be taken off hold and rate will go back to $130/night.   The Holiday Inn (863-357-3529) is $129 per night and must be reserved by April 10, 2020 or the rooms will be taken off hold and rate will go back to $179/night.  Please ask for the 4-H Horse Show rate.   Camping is available at the Fairgrounds $25/night and you must contact the Fairgrounds at 863-763-1666.


    Due Dates: Please help us conduct the South Area Horse Show as smoothly as possible by submitting the required forms in on time both online and to your Agent.  We do understand that sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that occur.  The ABSOLUTE LATEST DATE to withdraw from the show with a refund is Friday April 1st by 5pm.  If your horse becomes injured or otherwise unfit to show, we will allow a substitution if you provide documentation on letterhead from your veterinarian by April 3rd.  If this occurs before April 3rd, we will allow you to switch classes, if it occurs after that date, no class substitutions will be made.  Please note: Some counties have policies in place regarding participation in the South Area Show.  The South Area Show management will defer to counties on those policies.  Please check with your 4-H Agent before requesting substitution of horse or class.


    Safety Reminders: Your safety is our top concern, and sometimes large numbers of horses in the staging area can become a problem.  The planning committee would like to remind you:

  • No motorized two-wheel personal vehicles (scooters)
  • No excess people in the staging area
  • No dogs in the staging area
  • Horses must not be left tied and unattended in the aisles of the barns
  • Horses must be led into and out of the barns, not ridden
  • Helmet rules will be enforced


    When you arrive to the Arena:  Bring your horse, negative Coggins and yourself to check-in at the livestock barn.  Friday's check-in will be held from 3pm- 6pm, Saturday 6:30 am until 9:00 am at the Show Office, Sunday 7:00 am until 9:00 am at the Show Office.  County faculty and volunteers will be there to check you in, go over your classes, measure your pony and answer any questions you may have.


    Here is a quick checklist for completing all the paperwork:
  • Entrant's birth date and age are entered as of Sept 1, 2019
  • Horse is registered/entered under the same name that appears on the Coggins
  • Double check class names and numbers for correctness
  • Signatures are completed on all forms
  • Double check your amount of payment
  • A copy of your current coggins is included with registration paperwork and will be sent to the host county.

We look forward to seeing you in April at the South Area 4-H Horse Show! 


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2020 Florida Quarter Horse Show

March 7-8 - Okeechobee Agri-Civic Center

Youth only pay $5 per class x 2 judges = $10 a class
or $40 per Division
plus $18 grounds fee

This show is scheduled at the Okeechobee Agri-Civic center prior to our area south show.  Great chance for our youth to ride in the arena.  Open (all breeds) classes have been  added and 3 Divisional highpoint awards will be given to our 4H youth.  



Click the links below to download your Area F documents:

Dressage Tests to be used in 2019

IMPORTANT:  In the Participant Letter, there is a link for online registration + due dates + fee options, etc.  Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to let us know.