11/2/2022 11:17 AMSystem Account
11/2/2022 11:17 AMSystem Account

COVID Provide Training - COVID-19 Needs Assessment: Video Icon Click Here

Provide Database Training/Medical Case Management: Video Icon Click Here

Provide Database Training/Contract Reimbursement Training: Video Click Here

Updated PE Eligibility Training: Video Icon Click Here

Legal Aid Training Video: Video Icon Click Here

PE HOPWA Training for Agency Staff: Video Icon Click Here

Provide Changes: Video Icon Click Here

Documenting HOPWA Support Services: Video Icon Click Here

Documenting Housing Units and Vendors: Video Icon Click Here

Enrolling Client in HOPWA: Video Icon Click Here

Rent Responsibility and Housing Assistance Project: Video Icon Click Here

Year Ending and Discharging HOPWA Clients: Video Icon Click Here

Navigating for HOPWA Project:Video IconClick Here

Utilizing the Clients Mine Needing Attention View in Provide Enterprise:Video IconClick Here / Video Icon PDF

VI-SPDAT and Housing Wait List:Video IconClick Here

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Neeta Mahani
Ryan White CARE Council Coordinator
Phone: 561-355-4820

​Kayla West​
Ryan White CARE Council Secretary
Phone: 561-355-4713

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