Education Summit New Voting Rule
​SB 90 Summary

October 22, 2021
Palm Beach County Commissioner Mack Bernard and Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Wendy Link were panelists in an informational session about the new Florida Senate Bill 90, which changed the way elections are held in Florida. Moderators Kalintha Dillard, ESQ and Salesia Smith-Gordon, ESQ asked questions directly from the live, virtual audience. 

​Many changes were made to the vote by mail, early voting, political party affiliation change rules and limitations on assisting other voters with turning in ballots. For more information, watch the entire video​.​​

  • ​No solicitation zones are expanded to also include a 150-foot zone around drop boxes, in addition to the entrance of a polling place. 
  • Only staff of the Supervisor of Elections can provide voters waiting in line to vote with food and water. 
  • Drop box availability is limited to early voting days and hours unless the box is at Supervisor of Elections office. 
  • Only a voter may collect/deliver their own ballot, ballots for immediate family members and ballots for a maximum of two other voters, per election. ​
  • When a voter is requesting a vote by mail ballot, a valid Florida Driver’s License number, Florida ID Care number of the last four digits of the Social Security Number is required.

A special primary election for U.S. House District 20 on November 2, 2021 sparke​d the Education Summit on New Voting Rules. Early voting for this special primary election begins on Saturday, October 23, 2021. 

 Education Summit on New Voting Rules