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The Commission on Affordable Housing (CAH) is a County advisory board which is facilitated by the Department of Housing and Economic Development (HED).

As a condition of receiving State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) Program grant funding from the Florida Housing Finance Corporation, Florida Statute 420.9076 requires that Palm Beach County appoint an affordable housing advisory committee.  Accordingly, the County established the CAH in 1993 through adoption of the Affordable Housing Ordinance (No. 93-8).  On May 17, 2017, the Board adopted a new Affordable Housing Ordinance, No. 2017-017 that included changes to the responsibilities of the CAH to better align with F.S. 420. 

The CAH must be composed of no less than eight (8) and no more than eleven (11) members who are appointed at-large to serve three (3) year terms representing various categories related to affordable housing. 

Per F.S. 420.9076(4), the primary role of the CAH is to conduct an annual review of local affordable housing policies and incentive strategies, and to provide recommendations to the County regarding the same.  The CAH may also review and comment on the County's SHIP Local Housing Assistance Plan and proposed uses of SHIP funding.

The CAH meets monthly on the first Wednesday of the month, but may meet more frequently required by business at hand.  All CAH meetings are public meetings subject to Florida's open government laws.  Notices of upcoming CAH meetings, and minutes of past meetings, are posted on this web page.

Please direct any CAH-related questions to Carlos Serrano, Director of Strategic Planning and Operations, at  561-233-3608 or cserrano@pbcgov.org.