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The Palm Beach County Special Projects fund is reserved for special projects and events which arise from time to time offering the County the opportunity to sell more room nights and generate national publicity. The intent of this program is to incentivize new events that have large initial impact on Palm Beach County. Organizations who receive this funding cannot receive funding from the TDC agencies, the Sports Commission, the Cultural Council or the Convention and Visitors Bureau for the same event or project. However, this requirement may be waived by a vote of the TDC for major multi hotel use projects of major significance to Palm Beach County.


  1. The program can only be funded from Special Projects for a total of three years maximum.
  2. The organization is expected to contact the other TDC agencies to determine if funding is available for the project or program through their grant cycles.
  3. Be a nonprofit organization, part of an organization or a unit of government which produces the event or project. This requirement may be waived by the TDC Board.
  4. Complete the attached application and submit it with 9 copies to the TDC office at 1555 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard, Suite 900, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401.
  5. Submit the application and all copies no later than 60 days prior to the event for which you are seeking funding.
  6. Staff will review the application for completeness and set up a meeting for the review panel. Applicant will be notified of the meeting date and time and be invited to attend to present a brief presentation and answer questions.
  7. TDC agency heads, the Executive Director, Deputy County Administrator or their representatives, and a TDC representative will review the application and make the determination to present it to the TDC with recommendations for funding at a regular board meeting or return to the applicant for further information or detail.
  8. TDC Board will review the application as part of a regular meeting agenda. The applicant will be notified of the meeting date and time and be invited to attend.
  9. Once the TDC Board has voted to fund the program or project, a contract will be developed by the TDC staff. This contract will follow the requirements of Palm Beach County including insurance requirements, retroactive payments for the program/project, required reporting on meeting of program/project goals and objectives and so forth.
  10. The contract will be sent to the applicant for signature. Three originally signed copies of the contract are to be returned to the TDC offices along with the proper insurance certificate.
  11. The signed contract will be reviewed by the PBC attorney assigned to TDC and once approved by the County Attorney’s office the TDC staff will place the contract on the BCC agenda for final approval

Download the Applicant Info and Application here.

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