​Permit Review and Landscape

Barbara Pinkston, Principal Site Planner


This Section is responsible for reviewing architectural and landscape plans, and building permit applications to ensure compliance with Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) regulations and conditions of approval. Staff also coordinates with other Divisions and ensure ULDC provisions are properly applied and enforced. This Section is also responsible for the Type 1 Administrative Variance anc certain Type 1 Waiver review and approval processes.


Permit Review

  • Building Application Review and Coordination
  • Administrative Amendments after permit submittal

Landscape Review

  • Landscape Permits
  • Inspections
  • Tree Removal

Type 1 Variance

  • Variances are subject to:
    • Mandatory Pre-Application Appointment (PAA)
    • Variance Standards Pursuant to Article 2.D.3.H
    • Demonstration of Hardship
    • Applicable Fees per Fee Schedule 

 Type 1 Waiver

  • Mandatory Pre-Application Appointment (PAA)
  • Native Ecosystem Overlay (NEO)
  • Structural Setback Deviations below 5% of requirement
  • Waives Standard pursuant to Article 2.C.5.E.3