Zoning Division

Jon MacGillis, ASLA Zoning Director

Administrative Review & Public Information

F. Alan Seaman, Principal Site Planner


The Administrative Review & Public Information (AR/PI) Section is responsible for reviewing administrative applications and oversees the general public information function of the Division. The Section is also responsible for the administrative review and approval of plans through the Administrative process called Zoning and Agency Review. Type of applications and services provided by this Section are:

Administrative Development Review Officer (DR0) OnlineSubmittal
Administrative Review & Public Information (AR/PI) Applications/Flowcharts
Administrative Amendments – List of Common Application Insufficiencies


Public Information Planner is available for Walk in Customer and phone calls Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. You must be logged into the Kiosk System by 4:30 pm to be seen by a Public Information Planner.

  • Appeal of Administrative Interpretation/Decision.
  • How to apply for a Business Tax Receipt
  • Concurrency
  • DRO – Administrative Amendments: Agency Review and Zoning Review
  • Legal Lot Review
  • Zoning Confirmation Letters
  • Maintain the Zoning ezinfo Information

   Special Permit Process
   Reasonable Accommodation